Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reasons I Like September

1. My dad's birthday was Sep. 3. Happy Birthday, Dad, in heaven.

2. Our youngest son and his son have birthday's Sep. 9. Happy Birthday, Kelly and Shawn.

3. Sep. 10 is David's, our first born, birthday. Hey, little angel in heaven, Happy Birthday.

4. Just Breeze will be released later this month. I'm so excited.

5. The hummingbirds have begun their migration. I've been watching them this morning. Must buy more sugar cause they have tremendous appetites.

6. The weather is cooler.

7. Autumn is in the air.

8. Penny's interview and review of Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines (release date has been pushed back) will be on her blog Sep. 15 and 16.

9. I'll be on RRW Blog Talk Radio again, Sep. 21.

10. And ... drum roll please ... I've just sold my first picture book, Frankie's Perfect Home, to Guardian Angel Publishing. Woo Hoo! Life is good.

Now I must get busy with my WIP.

Have a great day.


  1. Woo Hoo is right. Many blessings indeed. Congratulations and welcome to the GAP family.

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  2. Thanks, Donna. A picture book is new for me, but I like to try new ideas.


  3. wow, you've got a lot of reasons to like September! Congratulations on your books.

  4. Thank you, Janet. I have three sons, also, but mine are grown and married. Best wishes for your writing.


  5. I like September for the changing of the seasons and getting the kids ready to go to school.

  6. Yes, Rebecca. Sending the kids to school is another perk about September. But then I was a teacher, so I sent my kids and got other people's kids instead. :)

    Loved it