Monday, August 24, 2009

Read Anything Good Lately?

Hi, I'm Patches. My mom's busy today, so she asked me to be her guest blogger. I can talk about anything I want, as long as it's books and reading.

Did you know I like to read?

What? Cats can't read. Nobody told me that. Mmm, maybe the pictures are what I enjoy looking at. As you can see, the sports page of the local paper is my favorite. I'm pretty athletic, myself. You should see me leap high in the air to catch a moth. Like those guys who jump those little fences at the track meets, hurdles I think they call it. I run fast too. Short distances, though. I wouldn't last in the long races. And I love to play ball, kicking it with my feet, the way soccer players do.

Sometimes I read books, as well as the newspaper. My favorites have animals in them. Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer made me hungry. All those chickens looked yummy. I'm reading a picture book now called Janoose the Goose by J. D. Holiday. It has all kinds of farm animals. Haven't finished it yet.

Rebel in Blue Jeans by my mom has a cat, Siamese, along with dogs and horses. I'd like to catch the red-tailed hawk in the story, but it looks tough, and it's pretty big. It might want me for lunch, and not as a guest. My mom's other book, Secrets I Have Kept, has a dog. Now, I'm not very fond of most dogs, but Chopin (the dog) is okay. He tries to round me up, cause he's an Australian blue heeler, and that's what they do.

OK. Time to go. Thanks for reading my blog. What are your favorite animal books? I'd like to read them, too.


  1. My favorite animal book right now is “Would a Kangaraffe Make you Laffe?”
    It was written by Rich Aaron & Illustrated by Me! . But one of my all time favorite is The Story of Doctor Dolittle

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I've seen the book on 4 RV's site. It looks adorable and I'm thinking would make a great gift for my grandchildren's Christmas. My list is growing daily. :)
    Doctor Dolittle--Haven't thought of him in years. Thanks for the reminder.