Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Firsts

Monday. Time to finish the story I started Friday about my first rejection. If you haven't read it, this one probably won't make sense. Or maybe it won't, anyway. But I hope you'll get a good laugh out of it and be able to face your own "not right for our publication" letters with a sense of humor.

When I opened the SASE with the form rejection and color slide inside, I had to laugh. The editor was rejecting the fire safety article, "Protect Your Family from a Fire" that I sent to the TV schedule magazine. (No name listed to protect the innocent.) I laughed, you see, because the magazine had published this very article a couple of months earlier. The two copies the publisher sent me were on my bookshelf. I'd cashed the check for payment and the stub was framed, along with the acceptance letter, as a reminder I was now published. True, they had drawn an illustration rather than using my slide, but the article was in the magazine. I'll never know what happened. It doesn't matter.

So my first rejection was also my first sale. This makes for a good topic when I'm speaking to a group. It also has shown me the quirkiness of the publishing world and to be ready to expect the unexpected. I think that's good. Laughing helps me put those generic letters in their proper place and not stress over them.

How about your first sale? Do you have special memories of that letter that says something like:
"I am pleased to inform you...?"

I'd love to hear your story.

Happy reading and writing.

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