Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak

Are your children already complaining they're bored this summer? A new book should cure that problem. Let's take a look at a couple.

Rajah Le Beau


PRLog (Press Release) – May 31, 2009 – Rajah Le Beau is a real live dog adopted by Dr. Mosetta from the Cleveland Animal Protective league. He will join Billie Williams, June 8, 2009, on her blog ( as the first stop in Rajah and Dr. Mosetta's virtual tour. Billie Williams is a mystery suspense author and a prolific writer. Dr. Penick Philips-Cermak said, "We want to thank Billie for this wonderful opportunity. Ragh and I are looking forward to it. Rajah is more outgoing than I am. He loves being on Facebook and Twitter. He has about 39 fans, and he writes to them three or four times per week. Right now his primary objective is to get people to buy his book so that he can sponsor a cage for a puppy or dog at the Cleveland Animal Protective League." According to the Cleveland APL website ( becoming a cage sponsor means that for a lucky dog or cat " ... their cage at the APL, complete with a warm bed, toys, plenty of food and water, and lots of TLC, is the only “home” they have ever known. For others, it’s a temporary home until they find the love of another family. For all of them, it’s the reason they’re getting a second chance."

Rajah said, "Not all dogs are as lucky as I am. That is why my mommy is donating one dollar of every book purchase to the Cleveland APL. Did you know that it is about 30% of the royalties for the book? Wow, that is a lot." Rajah also has his own page on (, and a Twitter account (

"We are encouraging people who do not have small children to buy a book, anyway, and donate it to a school or to a child that you know. Whatever we can do to generate enough money for our cage sponsorship," said Dr. Mosetta. To order an autograph copy of Rajah and the Big Blue Ball, visit . Rajah and the Big Blue Ball is also on sale at the following online locations: and

Dog Cage Sponsorships are $1,500 per year, Cat Cage Sponsorships are $1,200 per year, and Small Mammal Sponsorships are $1,000. Pledge Payment options are available. If interested, please call Judy Hunter, Director of Development, at 216-344-1353.


Rajah, the big black dog, likes to play in his big back yard. He chases the leaves. He sniffs the air every day. It is his favorite place. One day a strange thing happens. Something hits Rajah on the head. It scares him. A blue ball is up in the sky. Where did the ball come from? Did it do it on purpose? Did it want to make him afraid? Rajah has to find the courage to take back his own world. Written by the author of The Wishing Flower and The Magic of Laven-Rock, Rajah and the Big Blue Ball looks into the face of the unknown.

Title: Rajah and the Big Blue Ball

ISBN: 9780981777740

Author: Mosetta Penick Phillips-Cermak

Publisher: P.M. Moon Publishers, LLC
Additional Features:
hardcover/48 pages/approx. size 8.375" x 8.375"/ trade

Or how about a fairy tale from Dr. Mosetta for your children.

Book Title: The Magic of Laven-Rock
Author: Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak
ISBN: 9780981777733
Publisher: PM Moon Publishers, LLC
Genre: Children
Additional Features:
hardcover/68 pages/approx. size 8.25 x 10.75/trade
Price: $29.95


The people of K'briadron lived an idyllic life. Purple and blue magic created by the Jockspurs supplied their every need. That is, until the coming of the Lockstick.

Princess Kaylin Veronica and her cousin, Prince Theodore, escape the confines of their royal lives and set out to find the being who caused so many problems in their land.

Written by the author of The Wishing Flower, The Magic of Laven-Rock is a delightful fairy tale adventure where children learn that sharing is much better than fighting, and that people throughout the world are not so very different than themselves.

Now that ought to keep the wee ones happy this summer.



  1. Thank you for the absolutely wonderful post!
    How very kind of you.
    Dr. Mosetta

  2. You're welcome, Mosetta. I love reading about other authors and their books. Best of luck with your writing and your work with our animal friends.

    Thank you for letting me host you. Have a successful tour. I twittered this and posted it on the Muse Group and Musing our Children. Hope that gets some visitors.


  3. I can personally vouch for both books-although I personlly am totally in love with adorable Rajah!(Sh...don't tell Sam!)

  4. Thanks, Joyce. They sound like stories my grandchildren would enjoy.