Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Conference

I'm drooling over the brochure from the SCBWI Summer Conference. Me drooling isn't a pretty sight. I'm also dreaming. Not quite as gross as the other. Someday, perhaps. The faculty ... Wow! And books, books, books. For everyone who's going, you lucky people you. For me, I'll pretend I'm there and imagine what it's like.

Latest read: Saundra Mitchell's Shadowed Summer. Caught me by surprise there at the end. I love it when that happens. Fantastic read.

Happy Reading and Writing.


  1. I hope to find someone who is going that can provide posts and blogs about it so we can live vicariously through them. Sounds like a great conference.

    NA Sharpe

  2. Wish I could make the conference. Had to pass on the NYC one also. Can't spend the money this year. Hopefully next year. I know Alice Pope blogs on the NYC Winter Conference, not sure if she does too for the LA Conference.