Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Interview with Jo Linsdell

PROMO DAY is this Saturday. Don't forget. Here's an interview with Jo Linsdell, founder and organizer of this day to help writers promote their work.

1. Tell us about your current books. What was your inspiration for writing them?

My latest book is Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition which is due out on 1st May 2009. I came to Italy with the plan of staying for 3 days and figured I could get by for such a short stay using English. With this in mind I hadn’t prepared for the fact that Italians might not speak English. In fact a lot of them don’t or if they do it’s very limited. I felt rude not being able to thank or greet people in Italian, after all I was in Italy. If an Italian came to England not being able to speak English how far would he get? I got myself a phrasebook to help me but a lot of the information was irrelevant and it took ages to find what I needed. I wrote this book bearing all this in mind. A tourist doesn’t need to know everything about Italian grammar and the in’s and out’s of renting an apartment. They want to have an easy to use reference book of the language they will need to use and understand during their stay. Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition will be available to purchase from http://www.lulu.com/jolinsdell

2. The upcoming Promotional Event for the Writing Industry is a great idea. How important is it for writers to promote their work?

If you don't promote, you don't sell. PROMO DAY is a great way to promote, network and learn all for free and in one day. As an international event is means you get global coverage too. Everything a writer wants all in one place and for FREE.

3. Which works best in your opinion, Online promotion or personal book signings, speaking events, and things like that?

A combination of both on and offline is the best way. If your books are on sale online then online promotion is a must and very effective as you can add a direct link to your book making sales easier. You can also sell on an international level and make it easier to 'spread the word' about your and your work.Offline promotion is also important though as it's more personal. As my book is designed for tourists I often print off flyers advertising it and leave them with bars and shops or give some to restaurants visited by tourists.As a non fiction author I find that writing articles linked to the topic of your books is also helpful as it shows that you are an expert in your field. I've had articles published in newspapers and magazines for English speakers in Italy. These are read by both English speakers living in Italy and tourists visiting.

4. What are you working on now? New books in the future?

I'm currently busy with the release of Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition (due out 1st May from http://www.lulu.com/jolinsdell), but hope to have some more time after May to work on my novel. It's my first attempt at writing a fiction book and so far I'm enjoying the experience.

5. How may your fans contact you? Web sites? Blogs?

Lots. I get a lot of emails from people all over the world asking for more information about my books and projects. I also get a lot asking for tips and advice for visiting Italy. It's nice to feel loved :)

Thank you for all you do to help writers in their work.

Thank you for having me.

Jo LinsdellFounder and Organiser

PROMO DAY! 9th May 2009

Blog: http://promoday.blogspot.com


  1. Beverly...thanks for sharing this valuable info. I look forward to visiting on May 9th.

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  2. Great, Donna. Unless something unexpected comes up, I hope to be there too. I can use some promo tips.


  3. Thanks for having me here Beverly.

    I look forward to seeing you both at PROMO DAY on Saturday. I'm so excited it's nearly here!


  4. Nice interview! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great interview, Bev and what a great idea for a book! It is so difficult when you are traveling and not familiar with the language. As I recall the high school French I took was not exactly useful...I can tell someone to shut the door or ask what color their dress is but I don't really expect either phrase to come up! LOL

    Thanks Jo and Bev. I'll try to stop by Saturday as well.