Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Destineers, a Review

It is my pleasure to tell you about a great book just out from my dear friend, Nancy Sharpe and her son, Bobby.


By N. A. Sharpe and Bobby Sharpe

When William Derrnz becomes the new headmaster at Greenbrier Academy, he brings new professors and a new curriculum with him, and school suddenly becomes a lot more interesting. Kylie O’Conner, one of the students, introduces the reader to her friends and classmates, Ryan, Sean, and Brady, and tells about this unusual school they attend.

The new curriculum is known as a “directed study” program, and one of the classes is Interactive History taught by Professor Fritz Fitzwilly. He invented a machine known as an incarnation chamber that lets you travel to any world in any time period. Also, there’s Cosmic Kingdom, a video game with knights and dragons in a Camelot kind of setting. Kylie and her friends even traveled to the realm of the Neatherscape, a beautiful realm where elves, globins, and centaurs live, but where some kind of trouble is brewing. Wow! Who wouldn’t enjoy classes like this? The odd thing is Kylie and her friends are the only students in the program.

The Destineers’ Journal of Fantasy Nations, is a field guide to the Nations of Fantasy, the lands that were forced from our world into a realm of their on when the “Old Ways” that once were predominant in human culture disappeared. Kylie records information she learns from her lessons and from personal observation of what she encounters in the magical lands of fantasy.

Come along with Kylie and her friends and take a look at a few of her recordings. They are listed alphabetically to make it easy to find them. She starts with the Afanc, monstrous lake dwelling creatures of Wales that prey on anyone foolish enough to swim in the water. From the description Kylie gives, razor sharp teeth and the strength of ten warriors, they aren’t someone or something you’d want to meet on a dark night.

From Alchemist to Banshee, Bodach to dragon, and Yeti to Zombie, the authors give us a glimpse, sometimes with humor, sometimes with chills, of the inhabitants of the Nations of Fantasy. I recommend this guide for writers, readers, and everyone who loves fantasy novels and movies. Even those who aren’t really into magical worlds will enjoy reading about the Dullahans, Mooncalves, and Thunderbirds.

No, I’m not telling you what they are, but once you read the book you’ll be happy you did.


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I am really glad you enjoyed the book - Kylie enjoyed most of the research... although there are some of the fantastical beings she probably would have preferred to remain in the dark about, lol. You get a totally different perspective learning about the Nations of Fantasy when your teacher is a goblin!

  2. I think I know which beings Kylie would want to avoid. :) Wish I had a teacher like that when I was a student? School would have been much more fun.