Friday, December 12, 2008

Rebel Review

I am delighted with this review. The lady is not a reviewer. She bought Rebel at my recent signing and was kind enough to post her thoughts on our local Your Hub newspaper blog. Thank you, Nancy.

Beverly Stowe McClure wrote a good book--considered a 'YA'--young adult book. Shucks. I haven't been that young in a while, but I still enjoyed the book. It deals with parents separating and other issues that arise in the lives of young people. I would whole-heartedly recommend it as reading material for both the parents and the teens of parents who must face the confusion caused by separations. While I can pray that this never happens to any of our children or grandchildren, the situation is handled realistically and with genuine understanding. When I hand this one over to the oldest grandson to read, we will get another viewpoint. He will recognize the 'good guys' in this story and probably grin at the 'boy humor' in many of the scenes.

I hope that Mrs. McClure continues to handle topics of this nature. Her books will definitely find a place on my book shelves and on my gift list. It was definitely worth my trip to Hastings today to meet her and purchase her book.

Nancy Dickerson (Your Hub)

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