Wednesday, December 31, 2008


May 2009 bring all my friends good health, happiness, and much success.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Belated Holiday Wish

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or whatever special day you celebrate. Ours was rather hectic: emergency room for dh, overnight stay in hospital, home on Christmas Eve, new prescriptions with pharmacies closed, and finally family get together Friday. Good food, games, and a fun time were had by all.

Dh is improving. The house will get back to normal when I have time to clean it. I'm not ready to take down the tree yet. A few more days.

Happy reading and writing to all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Couple of Reviews

It's really interesting to see the different viewpoints of people who read the same book, especially the female vs. male opinions. Here are a couple of new reviews of Rebel in Blue Jeans. Enjoy.


BOOK: Rebel in Blue Jeans
AUTHOR: Beverly Stowe McClure
PUBLISHER: Twilight Times Books (2008)
ISBN: 1-933353-49-X
RATING: 4 stars
REVIEWED BY: Wayne Walker

Rebel Ferguson is a sixteen (almost seventeen) year old girl who lives with her father and mother on a ranch in the country near Whispering Springs, TX, along with various animals. Or did live with her father and mother. As the book opens, her mother, Liz, is leaving the family for her new boyfriend Bo, a drummer in a rock band. With the help of her neighbors and best friends, cousins Will and Sully Garrett, Rebel learns how to deal with her anger towards her mother, her disappointment with her father in not going after her mother, and the attentions of a handsome college guy named Rick who has a less than savory reputation. Will she ever come to terms with her mother's new life? And will she fall for the charm of Rick or find true love from a better source?

I will be honest. This book probably does not appeal to me as much as others have because it would likely fall into the category of "chick lit." It certainly has its sad aspects because the breakup of a home is always regrettable. However, there are situations that are beyond our control and we have to learn how to live with them, even if we do not like them. This, I think, is the main message of the book. The story is put together well and keeps the reader's interest. The language is not too bad--a few common euphemisms and childhood slang terms for bodily functions, but no outright cursing or profanity. Parents will want to know that there are references to drinking alcohol, taking drugs, kissing, other boy-girl and dating activities, and sexual talk ("make love" and going "all the way"). There is one scene where Rick tries to seduce Rebel, but she rejects him.

The book is listed for "10 and up," but on the back, there is a quote from Fran Shaff, romance and children's novelist, who said, "Rebel in Blue Jeans is a book teens will love," and author Beverly Stowe McClure is said to have written "two other novels for teens." I would tend to agree with the teen novel classification. Because of the subject matter, a lot of parents whom I know would be a little uncomfortable letting their children on the younger end of the suggested reading level have this book. But older teenagers, especially girls, might find it interesting and perhaps even come across something that would be helpful to them in reaching certain decisions. We may not always agree with all the choices that Rebel makes, but she learns some important lessons, and that is what matters. Therefore, my basic reaction to reading the book is a positive one.

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Here's the second one:

About the book:When her mother runs away with the drummer in a rock band, sixteen-year-old Rebel Ferguson decides to do whatever it takes to bring her home.

My review:

This was a fun story. I read it from start to finish in one sitting. It was hard to put down. The characters seemed like real people and the conflict was believeable. The only weakness was that sometimes the dialogue didn't seem to fit their ages, but it was still a great read so that didn't take away from the story. I truly enjoyed it. There was nothing in it that was off-color or offensive, either, yet it dealt with real life issues such as dealing with divorcing parents and the emotional conflict that results from that type of trauma on a teenager. The romantic element was fun, too. I'd recommend it to all young adults.

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Dec. 21, 2008
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Rebel Review

I am delighted with this review. The lady is not a reviewer. She bought Rebel at my recent signing and was kind enough to post her thoughts on our local Your Hub newspaper blog. Thank you, Nancy.

Beverly Stowe McClure wrote a good book--considered a 'YA'--young adult book. Shucks. I haven't been that young in a while, but I still enjoyed the book. It deals with parents separating and other issues that arise in the lives of young people. I would whole-heartedly recommend it as reading material for both the parents and the teens of parents who must face the confusion caused by separations. While I can pray that this never happens to any of our children or grandchildren, the situation is handled realistically and with genuine understanding. When I hand this one over to the oldest grandson to read, we will get another viewpoint. He will recognize the 'good guys' in this story and probably grin at the 'boy humor' in many of the scenes.

I hope that Mrs. McClure continues to handle topics of this nature. Her books will definitely find a place on my book shelves and on my gift list. It was definitely worth my trip to Hastings today to meet her and purchase her book.

Nancy Dickerson (Your Hub)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Book Signing Follow Up

The parking lot of the shopping center was packed. Hardly any place to park. All these people had come to my signing? Heh, heh. I wish. It turns out Hobby Lobby, next door to Hastings, was having a hugh sale and half the town was there to snap up the bargains.

The signing went fine. The manager had made a beautiful sign with my book cover and info on it. They had a table covered in a lovely cloth and a small easel with my flyer on it. The coffee lady of Hard Rock Coffee Shop said I could have anything I wanted. I sold 5 books. I also talked to several "would be" writers who asked about my publisher and how hard was it to get published and things like that. I hope I didn't discourage them, but I was truthful.

The little kids loved my giveaways: horse head finger puppets and little dogs, as well as pencils and bookmarks. Not big sales, but meeting people who might buy next time made it a worthwhile afternoon. Let's see. I made about $1.00 an hour.

One book at a time.

Happy reading.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Book Signings

Hi, All. I have a couple of announcements.

Book Signing for my young adult novel Rebel in Blue Jeans

Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008, from 2 - 6 PM

Hastings Books Music & Videos

2801 Southwest Parkway

Wichita Falls, TX

If you're in the area, please stop by and say "Hi."

Also, I'll be signing copies of my book on

Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008, from 5 - 8 PM

Tom Burnett Memorial Library

410 W. Alameda St.

Iowa Park, TX

Rebel and I would love to meet you. Hope to see you there.