Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Good and the Ho Hum

The weekend zipped past, way too short. It was interesting, however.

Friday night I went to the fund raiser for the library, as I mentioned in my last post. It was a dance for the middle school students, grades six, seven, and eight. I ended up selling drinks and candy, which meant I didn't get to see much of the dance, since they were in different rooms. I could hear the music great. They had hired a local band and they were good. Reports from the dance floor (which was a gymnasium) were that the kids mostly stood around in little groups, moving to the beat of the music. I'm not sure how much dancing went on, but remember the age group. The kids seemed to have a good time. They drank a lot of sodas and ate a bunch of candy. Occasionally, the boys had to be corralled from rough housing.

One thing I and the other volunteers noticed though was how polite the kids were. They said, "Thank you" and called us "Ma'am." They were really sweet. Over a hundred kids showed up. I haven't heard a total, but Friends of the Library raised quite a bit of money, which for a small town library is always welcome. It was good.

Saturday was the Ho Hum. The Paranormal Convention was interesting. We heard weird voices and saw unusual pictues and looked at the equipment the paranormal teams use. But no one was interested in a fictional ghost story. People kept asking if this was "my" ghost. I guess I should have said she was, but I told the truth. My sales were sad, but I did meet some very nice people. It was a good weekend.

Now it's back to writing and reading and blogging and all that good stuff.

Happy writing to you.


  1. Hi Bev...glad the students were so polite. I hope your experience at the fair went well despite no sales. Even though I know your ghost wasn't real, the way you wrote it felt like it.


  2. Hi Beverly,

    It does look like you had a nice time, even though sales may have been slow... but that can happen to the best of us, right?

    I hope you had a fun Halloween.