Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lost in the Fog

Daniel Chase, member of the critique group I'm in has a new book out. Here's a little about it.

Rachel Van Meers as told to Daniel Chase

“You should never have been born. You’re nails in my coffin.”

In her memoir, Lost in the Fog: Memoir of a Bastard, Rachel Van Meers tells Daniel Chase what life was like for her as a child, born in a home for unwed mothers in Ghent, Belgium, 1930, to her present day life in the United States. Using Rachel’s own unique voice, Daniel relates her life with a tender story that will make the reader laugh, cry, and cheer for this unlikely heroine.

Considering her experiences with a mother who not only verbally abused her by saying things such as the opening statement, but sometimes even hitting her, and leaving Rachel mostly to her grandmother, a strict and religious woman, to raise, Rachel could well have become a bitter child and woman, yet her attitude remained positive, for the most part. She loved her mother, Helene, simply because she was Helene’s daughter. She loved her grandmother and adored her grandfather.

Rachel survived the advances of her stepfather and a child labor camp in Germany. Her health was bad and she sometimes wondered where she would live, but when she was older she worked hard at many different jobs to support herself. She believed in miracles and tells us of the miracles that occurred in her life. Rachel is an inspiration and a wonderful role model for young women, men too, to follow when faced with the cruelties that life sometimes brings.

This would make a great book for high school history classes, college courses, and for everyone who enjoys stories about history and war.

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