Saturday, August 2, 2008

Daily Musings by Donna McDine

Can you see yourself sitting there with a writing pad and your favorite writing pen? I can! Let your inspiration hit...even if you have to close your eyes and imagine this scene.

Today my girls are away with friends and my husband is working. I've used this day to my advantage in several ways. Since we are under construction with our kitchen expansion/renovation I don't feel compelled to clean my house. And for many of you that know me, know that I love to keep a clean house.

To have the house to myself with no interruptions made it a great opportunity to catch up critiquing fellow writers' manuscripts from my critique groups, typing up the draft of a manuscript that I plan to submit to Pockets in conjunction with the Pockets Challenge posed by Lea Schizas at the Muse It Up Club. I look forward to fine-tuning the manuscript and submitting it to one of my critique groups for feedback, updating and inviting friends to JacketFlap, and blogging.

Also, at the encouragement of two fellow writer's I have finally written (actually typed) down my goals that I strive to meet and breaking them down into daily, weekly, and monthly time frames. I find immense satisfaction is checking off my accomplishments as I meet them. It gives me the extra re-enforcement to keep moving forward and that yes, even though an acceptance hasn't come in recently I am truly moving forward.

What inspires or organizes you to keep moving forward? I'd love to hear all about it.

I'm off to check off another item completed...blogging!

Here's to your inspiration!

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