Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Word from Cleo

Since Lucky started this telling our stories, I’ll add mine. My girl, Rebel, calls me Cleopatra, Cleo for short, which was the name of Egyptian queens and princesses in Egypt, way back, long before I was born. What can I say? The name fits. I am beautiful and intelligent.

A word about my girl here. I’ve been her owner since I was a kitten. She found me in an old barn somewhere and brought me home with her. Even though she’s a human, she’s very nice, feeds me my favorite food–tuna fish. She knows who runs the house, too. Me. I like a soft pillow to sleep on. She gives me the softest one in the house. I like my chin rubbed, but leave my tummy alone. She does the best chinny rub you’ve ever seen.

One thing she and I disagree about though, and I’m working on this to show her my side of the story. Why does she like smelly, noisy dogs? They scratch and slobber and yap so that a cat has little peace and quiet. And then there’s that annoying hawk. Its little beady eyes watch me, like I’m its dinner or something. It does provide some entertainment. I like to sit on top it its cage and tease it. Rebel says I shouldn’t do that, but a girl has to have some fun.

So to close, let me say, Rebel is coming along nicely in learning my likes and dislikes. Time for my nap now.

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