Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We finally heard from our granddaughter who is teaching in China. All of the volunteers in her area are safe. She's in Changsha, to the east of the earthquake area. She said her students noticed that everything in the classroom was swaying. They didn't know what had happened at first. I cannot imagine what those poor people are going through. My prayers are with them and those heroes who are rushing to their aid.

This week has started out of focus. I'm a very scheduled person, I guess because of all those years I was a teacher. When extra things come up now, it takes me awhile to get back in the normal routine. Monday, which is usually a writing day, was spent at our district retired teachers meeting. It was interesting, and the food was delicious, but now I must get back in the groove and write.

E-mailed one magazine submission this morning. Then worked on my mg wip. I'm stuck on this chapter. Will get it though. I'm still working on a synopsis for my YA story that I hope to mail later this month or in June. Why is the synopsis so hard to write? At least for me it is. Remind self: never give up.

I'm reading some awesome books. Will talk about them later.

Have a great week everyone.

Happy reading and writing.


  1. I think synopses are the worst things in the world to write!
    Try and condense what it took tens of thousands of words to say in one passage or on one page. I have always wished someone would write them for me.
    I'm glad you heard from your grandaughter.

  2. Happy to hear that you heard from your granddaughter.

    Good luck with your synopsis!