Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Endings and Publishers Weekly

As I drove home from the supermarket yesterday, the ending to my ya wip came to me. I hadn't really been thinking about it because I'm still several chapters from wrapping it up. But I knew it could be better, just hadn't decided how to improve it. Now, I think I have it. We'll see.

My Publishers Weekly children's edtion arrived yesterday, too. Skimming through it I saw such great covers and now I have so many books I want to read. As if I didn't have them before.

In my shopping, I stopped by our Hastings and talked with the bookstore manager awhile. She is so sweet. And she loves kids books. I noticed they had moved the teen section to the FRONT OF THE STORE away from the children's section where it had been. Now people can see them easily. Of course I bought a couple of books. That's why we go to a bookstore, right? I also mentioned my forthcoming book which I hope to have a signing for, whenever.

Have a good Wednesday and rest of the week.

Happy reading and writing.

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