Monday, January 23, 2017


Quote for the week: Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got.  Art Buchwald.

First, a gentle reminder of my giveaway of two copies of my audio book Under a Purple Moon, silver winner in the 2016 Children's Literary Classics Awards, teen category.
What people are saying:
Under a Purple Moon is a book about friendship, and in particular, about one young girl who comes to accept her own self-worth. Author Beverly Stowe McClure has done a splendid job depicting the wide and varied range of emotions experienced by Eden and her friends. Literary Classics Book Reviews

In case you missed how to enter the giveaway, here it is.

1.  Leave a comment on my blog saying whether you like audio books or not.

2.  Follow me on twitter.

3.  Follow me on my Amazon Page.

You earn one point for each thing you do. You can do one or two or three or none. Tell me in your comment how many points you've earned, and that's it. I'm giving away two audio copies. The giveaway will run from Jan. 16 through Jan. 31. Winners will be announced the following week.

I'll write everyone's name that enters on strips of paper, one strip for each entry, put them in a basket, and Patches will draw the winners. Don't laugh she's done it before. If she's not in the mood, then I'll choose the winners.
Next, I have some photos to share with you. What? You're not surprised? Yeah, I do take a lot of pictures.

It's winter where I live! Cold wind! Snow! Ice! Wait a second!
Right now, as I'm typing this, the temperature is 70 degrees.
A few rays of sunlight are breaking through the clouds.
Also a few drops of rain are falling from time to time.
This is winter? I'm not complaining, I love it.
The birds do too. Here are some recent visitors to my yard.

One afternoon, I looked outside and saw four cardinals in the yard. Knowing me, you can guess what I did. Yep, I got my camera and slipped quietly out the door. Three of the birds flew away. This little guy stayed so I could take his picture. Some people say that seeing a cardinal at a particular time in their life is a comforting signal from a deceased loved one. Whether this is factual or not, there is no doubt of the blessing received with a glimpse of a creature's beauty. Seven states have named the Cardinal their official bird.
Cardinals do not migrate. If you provide them cover and food, they will remain permanent residents. Their favorite food is black oil sunflower seeds.

I'm not sure what kind of woodpecker this is, but he was outside my writing room window one day. A second bird was in the tree too, but they were moving so fast, eating insects in the tree, that I couldn't keep up with them. Was lucky to get this shot. It's dark because the day was cloudy, and if the flash comes on through the window, there's just a blur.

Have any birds visited  you lately?

Don't forget to leave a comment for the giveaway.
Have a great week. Hope your weather is nice.
Happy Reading!

Friday, January 20, 2017


"This is Chrys Fey reporting for Disaster 5 News. I am in Corpus Christi, the Gulf Coast of Texas, where a tsunami hit yesterday morning. I have BJ McClure with me, a survivor of the tsunami. BJ, can you tell our viewers what happened, and how you survived?"

 I'll try, but I'm still a bit shaky. The cats and I came to Corpus Christi on vacation. Every morning we take a walk on the beach. I love to watch the waves roll in. The cats like to dig in the sand.  Yesterday morning was different. The ground was shaky, and I heard a roaring noise, like a jet plane was flying over. I searched the sky. No plane. But I knew we were in trouble when I glanced across the water and saw this huge wave, I mean gigantic, stretching as far in both directions as I could see. And it was headed for shore.
Now, I'd heard of tsunamis, but never saw one. And I hope to never see another one. I also knew we had to find shelter. We'd walked a good distance from the hotel. No way could we reach it before the wave came ashore. I had no idea how far inland the water would come. In the meantime, the cats were meowing and prowling around my legs, clearly  sensing disaster. I did the only thing that came to mind. Tucked one cat under one arm, the other cat under my other arm and took off in a run, which was more like wading through mud, at the speed I managed.

I was about ready to collapse, when a couple of guys drove up in a truck, waved for me to hop in the back with my cats and a half dozen other people, which I did thankfully. And minutes later we were safe at a shelter in town. I never did find out my rescuers names. But they save my life.

Title: Tsunami Crimes
Series: Disaster Crimes #3
Author: Chrys Fey
Genre: Romantic-Suspense
Page Count: 272

BLURB: Beth and Donovan have come a long way from Hurricane
Sabrina and the San Francisco earthquake. Now they are approaching their
wedding day and anxiously waiting to promise each other a lifetime of love. The
journey down the aisle isn’t smooth, though, as they receive threats from the
followers of the notorious criminal, Jackson Storm. They think they’ll be safe
in Hawaii, but distance can’t stop these killers. Not even a tsunami can.

This monstrous wave is the most devastating disaster Beth
has ever faced. It leaves her beaten, frightened. Is she a widow on her
honeymoon? As she struggles to hold herself together and find Donovan, she’s
kidnapped by Jackson's men.

Fearing her dead, Donovan searches the rubble and shelters
with no luck. The thought of her being swept out to sea is almost too much for
him to bear, but the reality is much worse. She’s being used as bait to get him
to fall into a deadly trap.

If they live through this disaster, they may never be the
same again. 



99 CENTS: Amazon
And everywhere ebooks are sold. 


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday, Dear Winnie the Pooh. Happy Birthday to you.

Welcome Wednesday! January 18 celebrates the birth of A. A. Milne in 1882. He wrote several children's books and created Winnie the Pooh and his friends, Christopher Robin, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Roo. It is not known who started this day, but many parties are scheduled to celebrate the occasion.

He was first known as Edward and made his debut in A. A. Milne's poem, "Teddy Bear" on February 13, 1924. He first appeared as Winnie the Pooh on December 24, 1925. And now you know.

Don't forget the audio book giveaway of UNDER A PURPLE MOON. If you haven't read about it, check here.

What people are saying about the novel.

"Be forewarned, you will not be able to put this book down! Beverly Stowe McClure gets into the mental psyche of teenagers with deep clarity and conviction the reader will feel the emotions of each character to their core." Donna McDine, multi-award winning author of stories for children.

Good luck!

Happy Reading

Monday, January 16, 2017


Quote for the week: Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.
–John Green

It's here. The audio book for UNDER A PURPLE MOON. Thank you, L. Diane Wolfe, my publisher, for the audio edition of the novel.

I'm so excited, I want to share it with all my friends. So, I'm having a giveaway. Since Rafflecopter and I don't get along too well, I'm doing it the "old-fashioned" way. I'm a bit old-fashioned about a lot of things, but that's another story. Anyhow, here's how the giveaway will work.

1.  Leave a comment on my blog saying whether you like audio books or not.

2.  Follow me on twitter.

3.  Follow me on my Amazon Page.

You earn one point for each thing you do. You can do one or two or three or none. Tell me in your comment how many points you've earned, and that's it. I'm giving away two audio copies. The giveaway will run from Jan. 16 through Jan. 31. Winners will be announced as soon as I can see again after the cataract surgery.

I'll write everyone's name that enters on strips of paper, one strip for each entry, put them in a basket, and Patches will draw the winners. Don't laugh she's done it before. See.

She's looking them over.

Choosing is tiring work. She has to rest a minute.
Finally, she wakes up, and the winner is ...

If Patches doesn't cooperate, I'll draw the winner, unless Tiger wants to choose. He'd rather climb trees, so I'm not counting on him. I'll post the winners on my blog for your email and where you want me to send the audio book.

Good luck!
Happy Listening!
Also, the two critique groups I was in have faded into the sunset. I'm searching. If anyone knows of a group that's open to new members, please contact me. I write for children and teens. My email is Beverlysmcclure (at) aol (dot) com

I've corrected the links. I hope. For some reason, I'm having all sorts of problems with Blogger. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Welcome Wednesday.  I receive e-mails from several different publishers and they often offer ARCs of forthcoming books. I try to ignore them, but sometimes I can't. That's how I received an ARC of CITY OF SAINTS & THIEVES by Natalie C. Anderson.  Publication date January 24, 2017. Here are my thoughts.

By Natalie C. Anderson
Refugee: a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disasters. The world today, as in the past, is filled with refugees, searching for a home, a place of safety for their families. Some find happiness, but sadly, others do not.
CITY OF SAINTS & THIEVES, by Author Natalie C. Anderson, is the story of sixteen-year-old Tina , a refugee from the Congo. Her mother is dead, murdered by Mr. Grayhill, her employer, or so Tina believes. Her younger sister, Kiki, is on scholarship at a boarding school, and Tina is a member of the Goondas, the gang in Sangui City. Not exactly the new life her mother had wanted for her children. Tina’s goal in life is to watch the wealthy Mr. Grayhill’s world crumble around him. Then she’ll kill him, the way he did her mother. But life is complicated, and Tina soon learns the truth about Mr. Grayhill’s family, as well as about her own.
Natalie C. Anderson has created characters that seem human. They’re not perfect. They have their faults, as well as their good points. Tina is tough. She has to be to survive. She’ll also do most anything to get her revenge. When it comes to her younger sister, though, she’s loving and caring and gentle. Her emotions about Michael, Mr. Grayhill’s son and her friend, are even more complicated.
Tina’s search for the truth, the choices she makes, and what she discovers about her family make for a fascinating read. CITY OF SAINTS & THIEVES is filled with action, violence, tender moments, and a girl’s coming of age. This novel would make a great addition for middle school classrooms and libraries, as well as public libraries and your own. Recommended.   
Happy Reading!

Monday, January 9, 2017


Quote for the week: Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Albert Camus

#InkRipples is a meme created by Katie L. Carroll, Mary Waibel, and Kai Strand. They post on the first Monday of every month with a new topic. I post, but not always the first Monday. It's a lot of fun, and you can post too, any day that fits your schedule. Be sure to link back to Katie, Mary, and Kai.

January's topic is Book Covers. What about a cover attracts you? A lovely scene, mountains, rivers, animals, and characters get my attention. Here are some of my favorites, not all by any means.

You're not surprised? Of course, I like cats.
This is so inspiring and the colors are warm and lovely.
The cover tells the story.
What are your favorite covers?
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Welcome to the first Wednesday of 2017, Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. Visit others in the group and connect with your fellow writer - aim for a dozen new people each time. Be sure to link to this page and display the badge in your post.
Ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh is the founder of IWSG.
His awesome co-hosts for the January 4 posting of the IWSG will be Eva @ Lillicasplace, Crystal Collier, Sheena-kay Graham, Chemist Ken, LG Keltner, and Heather Gardner!

Stop by their blogs and say "Thank You."
The question for January is "What writing rule do you wish you'd never heard?"
This question is optional.

Maybe you have set goals for 2017. Maybe not.
I have, sort of, mostly to relax more and not worry about my writing when it's going wrong.
Also to take a break when I'm having trouble, work on other stories, then go back to it with fresh ideas.
I hope to try some new things this year for promotion, too. That is my most insecure place.
Nothing I do seems to sell more books. Maybe I'll find the magic answer, if there is such a thing. I'm going to try.
And, I must get organized. Ha, ha. Enough said.

To answer the above question: there are writing rules? Mmm, I had to check on that. So I looked it up; there are, and some of the rules made me laugh, especially on a site called The Guardian, where famous authors you will recognize share their top 10 rules. Here's the link. I couldn't copy them because of copy right.
As for serious rules I wish I'd never heard of, I really can't think of any, because most rules help me.

The rule for who gets the cat tree is

the cat that's the toughest!

Or maybe Tiger is just a gentleman cat and lets Patches have the tree.

Have a wonderful 2017.

Happy Reading!