Monday, October 5, 2015


Quote for the week:  You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the roses along the way.
Walter Hagen

The month of October is one of my favorites. One son has  a birthday and two granddaughters have birthdays. The weather begins to cool off. The monarchs fly south, as do some of the birds.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
There's Columbus Day

Plus  a bunch of holidays that sound like fun.

And we must not forget the World Series Baseball Games. They start next week. Go, Rangers!

What is your favorite thing about October?

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Friday, October 2, 2015


For Fun Friday today I have a fun story to tell you about. Take a look at Author Karin Larson's new picture book. Eugene Ruble is the talented illustrator. Just wait until you meet Little Bug.

Isn't he cute?
By Karin Larson
Illustrations by Eugene Ruble
Little ones, whether they’re children or animals, need friends. They need food and water. They need lots of things life has to offer; they especially need a home where they feel safe.
In LITTLE BUG, Author Karin Larson’s new picture book, Little Bug goes in search of a friend to play with. When he doesn’t find anyone, he decides he’s hungry and goes hunting for food. Again, he’s not successful and thinks, well, he’s thirsty, maybe he’ll search for a drink of water. Nope, no luck there, either. He is having a bad, bad day. What’s a little bug to do?
Karin Larson has written a sweet story about accepting things we can’t change and making the best of a situation. Little Bug doesn’t get angry and have a tantrum when he can’t find what he’s looking for. Instead, he keeps on trying. Will he ever find what he’s seeking? Or will he be content with what he does find? Only Little Bug, and you, the reader of the story know.
Eugene Ruble’s winsome illustrations show Little Bug’s different emotions with each situation just perfectly. You gotta love a little bug with big eyes and a heart full of hope that he’ll find what he’s looking for. Does he? I’m not telling, but Little Bug will.
I recommend LITTLE BUG for school libraries, public libraries, and of course your own private library. The book will be fun for parents and children to read together, or just to read by yourself in a quiet corner of your house.
Congratulations, Karin.
Available at Amazon     Guardian Angel Publishing
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I'm delighted to host Author Kay LaLone today with her latest YA novel FAMILY SECRET. Welcome, Kay.

I wonder what this family secret is. It sure is a spooky cover.
Family Secret
Tag line:
Sixteen-year-old Thomas Patrick Henry is thrown into a web of secrets and demons after his mother’s murder.
Back Cover
On the road to solving his mother’s murder, sixteen-year-old Thomas Patrick Henry discovers a secret his father has kept from him for years. Tom thought Dad’s secret put him in danger, Mom’s secret is far worse. Magic. Witches. Ancient Book of Spells. Magical Amulet. Ghosts. Demons. Tom never thought these things existed until he is face to face with them. There is nothing else to do but destroy the demons before someone else Tom love dies. He already lost his mom and a close friend because this secret was kept from him. No one else will die. No one else will be possessed. Tom faces his demons. A mother’s love gives Tom the strength to slay his demons.
“Ow.” Tom yanked the chain and dragged the burning amulet from under his shirt. Even the chain was warm, but there was no way he was going to take the stupid thing off. He let it drop to his chest and rest warmly on the top of his shirt as he stared at the demon.
“It’s not your grandfather,” Tom whispered. Anger rolled around inside him because of what this thing did to Sarah.
The dark figure stepped out of the shadows causing the boys to take two steps back. The demon looked like a man dressed in thunderous storm-like clouds from head to toe. Even his face was black and the eyes a dimly puke-yellow that churned Tom’s stomach. He felt Rob’s heavy breathing just inches behind him, but it didn’t stop a chill from shimmering up his spine like fingernails on a chalkboard.
“I know who you are.” Tom tried to sound confident even though his voice shook with fear. He swallowed hard. “What do you want?”
The demon raised a shadowy arm and then his stormy cloud-like body started to swirl like a mini tornado. In a gust of black smoke, the demon shot up into the air and zipped right over Tom and Rob’s heads. The boys ducked and laid flat on the wet grass, afraid the demon would consume them.
Tom turned his head to see the black smoke head toward Mr. Watson’s house. Tom got to his feet while Rob remained on the ground. The black smoke swarmed over the house and then drifted back down. It slithered around the house like a snake looking for a place to sneak in, circling several times before seeping through the crack in the window and disappearing inside.
Rob scrambled to his feet. “That thing is inside my grandfather’s house.” His voice was high-pitched in fear. “My…” He glanced toward the empty driveway. Then he sighed. “Mom must still be at the hospital.”
Tom touched Rob’s arm to prevent him from doing something crazy. He didn’t want another one of his friends to get hurt by this thing.
“We need to do something, but I don’t know what.” Tom glanced over to the tents in Granddad’s backyard, hoping Matt or Granddad would come running to save the day. But there was no movement over there.
Inside the house, Jake growled and then started to bark wildly. Before Tom could stop him, Rob dashed upon the back porch and flung the backdoor open. Jake continued his wild barking as if protecting Rob and the house. If only the dog could save the day, but Tom feared nothing would save them.
A cracking noise caught Tom’s attention, and he turned his head toward what he assumed was Mr. Watson’s bedroom window. The glass appeared pitch black at first, and then a face appeared. The same puke-yellow eyes stared at Tom and gave him an evil grin.
I’m Kay LaLone author of Ghostly Clues, my first MG novel. Family Secret is my first YA novel. Both published by MuseItUp. I live in Michigan with my husband and teenage son (two older sons and a daughter-in-law and my first grandbaby live nearby) and two dogs. I love to get up every morning and write about ghosts, the paranormal, and things that go bump in the night. I write PB, MG and YA novels. No matter the books I write, I want my readers to feel like they have met a new friend. I’m an avid reader of just about any type of book (mystery, paranormal, and ghost stories are my favorites). I do reviews and post them on my website and blog. I love to collect old books, antiques, and collectibles. You can find many of my antiques and collectibles selling on ebay and at fleamarkets.
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Monday, September 28, 2015


Now, I don't usually think of scary things at Christmas, but this book may change my mind.

That is a scary tree.

Direct Link to trailer:

Book Blurb:
It's the most wonderful time of year...or is it? 

Christmas Eve is a night of mystery and magic, but not always in ways we expect. Things lurk in the shadows and they're not the least bit jolly or merry. Let's just say some presents are better left unopened.

‘Tis the season to be screaming along with our thirteen tales of holiday horrors. Ghosts. Monsters. Demons. And more! 

This Christmas, be careful what you wish for... 
Author List:
Richard Ankers  
Jackie Horsfall
Boyd Reynolds
Lea Storry
Ally Mathews
Laura Pauling
Ty Drago
Jessica Bayliss
Judith Graves

Andrea Stanet
Patrick Hueller
Dax Varley
Medeia Sharif
Pre-Order Sale and Book Links:
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Fright Before Christmas by Shannon Delany

Fright Before Christmas

by Shannon Delany

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Friday, September 25, 2015


Friday Fun! This week as been fun; it's also been yucky. Does anyone use that word anymore or am I lost in the past? No matter. I'm starting with the fun part: Good News.

I have a new contract. This story I've worked on for years. My poor crit partners gave me great advice. I rewrote lots of it. Had more suggestions. Then I sent it to an editor who probably thought I should choose another profession but was too kind to say so. She had a lot of advice, all of it very helpful.

When I started making changes, well, a lot changed. The characters were the same, but they were better developed. Each major character even had an ARC, gasp, imagine that. The title also changed.

So in the spring of 2016, after edits and all the other good stuff that goes with publishing a book, my YA contemporary novel, UNDER A PURPLE MOON, will be released. I can't believe it. I'm so excited.

Now the yucky part, which could have been yuckier.
I went to my van, ready to go to my dentist appointment, put the key in the ignition and turned it. Simple so far, right?

Instead of the engine starting, all of these lights lit up the dashboard. Now they do come on for a second when the van is started, but then they go out. These kept blinking at me. All but two finally went out. Those just glared at me, telling me they weren't going to let the van start, so there. Whoa! What did I do wrong. I turned the key off and tried again. Same thing happened.

Okay, time was wasting. I'd be late for my appointment so I'd better figure this out in a hurry. I got that huge owner's manual out of the glove compartment, found pictures of the two lights that stayed on. The oil light and the battery light. Decided I'd better call for help.

So I went inside the house, called the dealer where we bought the van and gave him my story. He said to have it towed over and they'd take a look. I called the roadside service, and a couple hours later a nice young man pushed the van up on this huge truck and drove away. I hoped I'd see the van again.

The story does have a happy ending, (if you've read this far). The next day the man at the dealership called. The van was fixed. I could pick it up. Yay! My son drove me over on his way to work. The van is now safely at home, with a new battery.

I love happy endings.

How has your week been?

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Happy First Day of Fall for those that live in the Northern Hemisphere. The Autumn Equinox is one of two times each year when the sun crosses the equator and the days and nights are approximately equal in length.

Star light, star bright, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

I have no idea who wrote this, it just popped into my head, and I remembered saying it when I was a kid. And it goes along with today's story by Author Sherrie Peterson about a boy that made a wish and wished he hadn't.


By Sherrie Petersen


Have you ever wished on a star? Did your wish come true, or were you happy that it didn’t?


In WISH YOU WEREN’T, middle grade novel by Author Sherrie Petersen, almost twelve-year-old Marten is outside the hotel where his family is vacationing, watching the Perseids Meteor Shower with his mom, six-year-old brother Aldrin, and friend Paul. When Aldrin breaks Marten’s Han Solo action figure, the figure that belonged to Marten’s father when he was a boy, Marten is furious and he wishes on a shooting star that his brother wasn’t there. His wish doesn’t come true, of course, none of his ever do. At least not at first.


Then the family visits the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, and while his parents are off to a meeting Aldrin is causing trouble one minute, and the next minute he’s gone, vanished into thin air. What follows is a mystery, a fantasy, and the story of a boy who makes some amazing discoveries about his family and also about himself.


The characters are well-developed and for the most part act as kids their ages would act. Aldrin, being the baby of the family, sometimes gets away with things that add to the sibling rivalry. Marten thinks he’s being taken advantage of when Mom asks him to take care of his brother. They’re just a family trying to survive.


As the reader travels back in time with Marten, the author introduces interesting facts about the universe, and at the end provides links to other astronomical sites. A fun story that young readers should enjoy. I recommend this book for school libraries and public libraries, as well as your own private library.



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Monday, September 21, 2015


Quote for the week:  Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something. Henry David Thoreau

I'm still working on the review I'd planned for today. I'm slow, but like the tortoise, I will get there.

Did you know that September 27th - October 3rd is banned book week? See what one librarian is doing to prepare for the event at School Library Journal. There you'll also find other interesting links.

Looking at the list just makes me want to read the books more. Some I have read; others not yet.

Have any of your books been banned?

Tiger was helping me type. He says "Goodbye."
Happy Reading!