Monday, September 26, 2016


Quote for the week:  Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.  Euripides
Monday, a new week, and fall is in the air. We had a nice rain, the temperature has cooled somewhat, and the Texas Rangers are American League division champs. They're playing now for home field advantage. I hope your team is doing well. There are still some teams with chances to make the playoffs. And yay, I'll get to see those games on TV instead of my computer, which is not live.

How was your weekend?

Some good news I'd like to share.  My Tween novel A PIRATE, A BLOCKADE RUNNER, AND A CAT is now in paperback, as well as ebook. I'm excited.


Without warning, a slender beam of light radiated from the lighthouse. The water sparkled, reflecting the lighthouse. Not a breath of air stirred. A fish leaped up, splashed back down. Star clutched  my arm. "Our signal," she said.

"Signal for what?" I asked.

"To find out who' in the lighthouse." Star thrust a lifejacket at her brother, another at me. "Put these on. I don't want to have to fish the two of you out of the water."

A bad thought crossed my mind. "We're going there?" I tipped my head at the lighthouse.

"Of course we are. Remember, we came here tonight to find out who turns on the light, and how." Star's eyes, cat green, glittered in the dark.

"I don't think we should go inside. It's late and dark and -"

Storm shrugged into his lifejacket. "Save your argument, Ek. You can't win."

I shook my head. "Bad idea. Someone hiding from the cops might be in the building. Or what if we encounter a bum, a kid playing a prank, even bank robbers sending signals of their location, telling their friends they have the loot?"

"Or a ghost seeking our help," Star said. "If you aren't interested in going to the lighthouse why did you come to the beach, anyway?"

I was asking myself the same question.


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Just right for lovers of pirates and ghosts.

Happy Reading!

Friday, September 23, 2016


All good things must come to an end.
We're at the final stop on the tour for UNDER A PURPLE MOON.
Have you seen a purple moon lately?
I hope you enjoyed the journey.
We'll be announcing the winner of the prize soon.
Eden and friends will still be around. You can find them at Amazon, Dancing Lemur Press,
and other places where books are found.
Patches says "I'll be reading the newspaper instead of the blogs."
Have a great weekend. I'm hoping to learn how to use this new computer that won't let me do anything I want to and is really trying my patience.
Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Okay, time is running out to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can find Eden Rose and gang at Book Lover Promo today.
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We do enjoy your comments.
Did you know that today is the first day of Autumn?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Welcome Wednesday. Yep, you got it, another day of touring.
Have you listened to any butterflies lately? What, you ask? Am I crazy?
Butterflies don't talk. Do they?
If you've read the book you know what the butterfly means.

Take a look at what's happening at The Silver Dagger Scriptorium today. Thanks.
Listen to the butterflies.
The Monarchs should be flying through our area in a few weeks on their way to Mexico. The Monarchs that live west of the Continental Divide winter in Southern California. It's amazing to me that these tiny creatures can fly so far.

These are pictures I took several years ago at our pond. The wind was so strong the butterflies couldn't fly. They hung around for four or five days, which is unusual. I hope they all had a safe journey.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hi! It's me again with another stop for my YA Contemporary Novel UNDER A PURPLE MOON. Are you beginning to see purple moons in the evening? Just wondering.
We're at The Avid Reader today.
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Monday, September 19, 2016


Quote for the week: Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. Dale Carnegie
A new week begins. Where did the weekend go? I had so many things planned to do; they're still waiting. Oh, well, I'll do them next weekend, or not.

My blurb-blitz tour continues this week. Have you learned to say blurb-blitz five times?

Today we're at Books, Dreams, Life
Don't forget the $10.00 giveaway at the end of the tour.
I also have a book review. So relax and enjoy. I think this story will be an inspiration for you.
Blurb from Good Reads and the back of the book:
Imagine being thirteen, in a strange city, hundreds of miles away from home, and your mom abandons you at a bus station, driving off into the night with her lover.

It's a miracle Jimmy Wayne survived his growing-up years. Hungry, homeless, and bouncing in and out of the foster care system, Jimmy spent more nights wandering and sleeping in the streets than he cares to remember. His father left before he was born. And his mama, when she wasn't in a mental hospital or behind bars for various small offenses, was simply too overwhelmed, trying to survive herself.

There's more on Good Reads, but I'll stop there and leave you my thoughts.


By Jimmy Wayne

With Ken Abraham


From the beginning of the story, where the reader meets Jimmy Wayne and his childhood friend Rob Daniels, playing at Madison Square Garden as part of Brad Paisley’s American Saturday Night Tour, this novel is an inspiration. We, at least I, seldom think about stars’ journeys to fame. It’s easy, right? They can sing, or act, or whatever they do, and soon they’re famous.


Let me tell you, after reading Jimmy Wayne’s story I’ll think twice from now on about who they really are and the struggles many of them went through just to survive to adulthood. His home life was one of the worst I’ve ever read about, yet he survived and even became a star. How did a boy, a child, do this? Jimmy Wayne credits an elderly couple that took him in and helped him get an education for changing his life.


His story made me think of my mother and aunt, who also were foster children. What would their lives have been like had an elderly couple not given them a home and education? It might have turned out quite different than it did.


But Jimmy Wayne, a survivor, decided to do something to help other children in the same situation. In 2010, with God’s help and the belief others had in him, he walked 1,700 miles from Nashville to Phoenix, in his Meet Me Halfway campaign to raise awareness for foster kids. His experience in doing this is a story itself.


I recommend this book for everyone, to see how one person can make a difference in the lives of others. I think it will touch your heart the way it has mine. Jimmy trusted in God’s love for him to see him through.




Friday, September 16, 2016


I'm so excited to share the cover for S. A. Larsen's latest novel, MOTLEY EDUCATION.

Now this is an intriguing cover. Something spooky is going on.
Title: Motley Education (Book One: The URD Saga)


Author: S.A. Larsen


Release Date: October 10, 2016

Forget having a lively after school social life, Ebony Charmed is fighting to keep the entire Afterlife alive.


Ebony’s less-than-average spirit tracking abilities are ruining more than sixth grade at Motley Junior High: School for the Psychically and Celestially gifted. Her parents argue so much her dad moved out. And, even though he’s scared of his own shadow and insists on bringing his slimy, legless lizard everywhere they go, Ebony wouldn’t survive without her best friend, Fleishman.


When Ebony’s Deadly Creatures & Relics’ project goes missing, she learns her missing project is one of the keys to saving the spirit world. Now Ebony and Fleishman must battle beasts from Norse Mythology to retrieve her project before spirits are lost, the Well of Urd dries up, and Ebony loses all hope of reuniting her family. But someone lies in wait, and he has other plans...including creating a new world of spirits without them in it.



Motley Education has been aligned with Core Standards for grades 4-7. A guide will be available on the author’s website to download for FREE after the book’s release date.


About S.A. Larsen


S.A. LARSEN is the author of Motley Education, the first book in a middle grade fantasy-adventure series. Her work has appeared in numerous local publications and young adult anthologies Gears of Brass and Under A Brass Moon by Curiosity Quills Press. Look for her debut young adult novel, Marked Beauty, set for release in 2017. Find her in the land of lobsters, snowy winters, and the occasional Eh’ya with her husband of over twenty years, four children, a playful pooch, and two kittens.


You can visit her online at


Follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram and connect with her on her Website & Blog.



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Sounds like an exciting story for young readers and the not so young as well. 
My blurb-blitz tour for UNDER A PURPLE MOON continues today. Then we'll take a break until Monday.  This Friday, we're at Books Chatter. Stop by and visit for a while.
Happy Reading! Have a super weekend.